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Book accommodation in Iceland

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Accommodation in Iceland: supply, demand and rates

Accommodation in Iceland is the first thing you should arrange while planning your trip. Especially when you going to travel to Iceland during the summer season and want to drive around the island and stay outside Reykjavik. Just look into Booking.com and search for accommodation for example in Vik or Myvatn in July and you will be unpleasantly surprised. Fortunately, hotel development growing fast in Reykjavik and outside capital area, but still it looks insufficiently in some popular areas, overloaded and consequently overrated.

Cottages, apartments, all kind of lodges and huts are the nice alternative for a classic hotel room. It could be cheaper and cozier situated in the middle of beautiful Icelandic nature. Well, it’s very popular among travelers during summer too. So one and main advice is booking in advance, especially in high season and Christmas holidays.

The most popular areas where is difficult to book an accommodation is the part of the South coast from the town of Vik to Jökulsarlón Glacier Lagoon and Lake of Myvatn area in North-Eastern Iceland. The reason why this area is so overloaded is too little number of hotels over too many well-promoted nature attractions. There is no special recipe to avoid it if you want to visit this area in summer. Just be ready for a little accommodation supply and plan your trip in advance.

Hotels in Iceland

Book accommodation in Iceland

3-star hotels and guesthouses are the most common type of accommodation in Iceland. Rooms in such hotels are modest but comfortable and fine and have everything you need for the stay. Travelers praise Icelandic hotels for delicious breakfast and friendly stuff. Most of the guesthouses are converted dwelling houses so do not be surprised about shared facilities in some accommodation. So if your budget is moderate it’s a good way to sacrifice total privacy for lower cost of the stay.

As we said hotel development is growing fast in Iceland but still no 5-star hotels and that moment. There are two сonstruction in the process and will launch soon: Marriott EDITION Hotel near Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik and new luxury Blue Lagoon Hotel.

But there is plenty selection of 4-star and boutique hotels. Hotel Borg, Hotel Apotek, 101 Hotel, Canopy Hilton and many others ranked as high-quality 4-star hotels with nice service.

Hostels in Iceland

Book accommodation in Iceland

A hostel is the perfect youth style type of accommodation. There is nothing special about comfort and hospitality, generally, local hostels offer big dorms and shared facilities. Hostels in Iceland are very popular for the community and nice atmosphere. KEX Hostel can even be called legendary hostel for parties, events and fresh spirit of youth. There is plenty hostels in Reykjavik like Oddsson, Hlemmur Square, Bus Hostel and many others where you can meet like-minded or even fellow traveler for your trip in Iceland.

Book accommodation in Iceland

Apartments in Iceland

Book accommodation in Iceland

Are you among travelers who don’t like hotels and want to feel like stay home outside a home? Sure, more and more people prefer to book a homey and spacious apartment instead of ordinary hotel rooms with service included they don’t really need.

For the last few years apartments simply occupied housing market in Iceland, especially in Reykjavik. It become a strong competitor for the local hotels because of rates and flexibility.

Surely, we recommend to try accommodate in apartments and feel Icelandic interior and mode of life. A lot of apartments, especially listed on Airbnb, are common Icelandic flats where landlord used to live or just design it by his own taste like he is going to live there. But you may also like apartment-hotels, designed especially for tourist’s stay. They may be modest and simple or extra luxury (by Icelandic manner, of course). You will find a lot of opportunities for homey stay at Airbnb, Bungalo.com, HomeAway and even classic Booking.

Cottages in Iceland

Book accommodation in Iceland

Definitely, cottages are the best choice for a group of friends or big family travelling around Iceland. Cottages in Iceland are spacious and cozy, often situated in the middle of Icelandic nature, have at the same time rural spirit and modern filling like Wi-Fi and hot tub on the patio. Regarding size and facilities, cottages are cheaper than other types of accommodation in Iceland and this is this is the perfect option for those who travel by their own.

You may find cottages to book at the local website Bungalo.com. HomeAway and Booking.com also have a good selection of cottages around Iceland.

Camping in Iceland

Book accommodation in Iceland

Real backpacker doesn’t need a solid roof over his head during night stay, he brings roof with him wherever he travels. Iceland is very welcome for backpackers during the summer season and there are plenty campsites around an island where you can set your tent, switch on a gas stove for a dinner and be as close to nature as it possible. Definitely, camping is the cheapest way to travel around Iceland and most flexible as well. You don’t need to plan your trip according to hotel location and you are totally free to stay at the nearest camping ground when you feel it is time to stop for the rest.

Average price for camping in Iceland is around 1200 ISK. Nothing could be less than it in Iceland but you can save the money even there if you purchase Camping card which allows staying in 42 campsites over the island. Camping card costs 149 EUR and includes stay for 2 adults and 4 children include in this price. This is a perfect option if you and your friends are going to travel to Iceland for more than 14 days and plan to stay in campsites.

The common season for campsites is May – October. It could be difficult to find an open campsite and use facilities outside this period, so there is another similar option — a camper, which allows you to travel your favorite style all year around.

This is no problem to get ready for camping journey in Iceland. You may rent everything on spot.

Book accommodation in IcelandCampsite at Landmannalaugar

Book accommodation in Iceland

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