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Meet the travel expert in Iceland. Contact us for travel assistance, planning, custom tours, guidance, concierge service and chauffeuring.

The Icelandist is your guide to the land of fire and ice. Founded 2011 we started as travel blog about Iceland and now become a private club of local travel experts. Now you can get service on five languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and Icelandic.

We love Iceland and want to share our feelings to you. Meet our team and do not hesitate to write us a line for professional travel service.

travel expert in IcelandOlga

What a women! Olga is an inspirer of The Icelandist, person who encouraged us to turn this project from ordinary travel blog to travel company. All main ideas about our strategy, service and tours come from this beatiful and prudent mastermind. Even being in the decree she keeps everything under control.

travel expert in IcelandKonstantin

Konstantin is tall smiling man. This is his best trait. He is a founder of The Icelandist and Iceland travel enlightener as he calls himself. Sounds not very modest but he is very patient answering hundreds of questions about travelling to Iceland. Thus the The Icelandist was born: when Konstantin realized that he could not only talk, but also do.

This beatiful people are happy to be at your service in Iceland. Just write us a line to theicelandist@gmail.com or call +354 6158425 and ask for any travel assistance in Iceland. Phone number is available on WhatsApp and Viber, so you can contact us fastest way.

Welcome to Iceland!

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